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帛琉島民 Georby | Palau Islander



這是我們的菲律賓朋友 Georby 所愛上的大海,大海存在千千萬萬種吸引你愛上它的原因,無論你的原因為何,我們都是愛海的人!

Everyone needs a peaceful moment to escape from the chaos.

As an ocean lover, I found mine in the ocean, How about you?

This is the our Filipino Friend Georby.

There are thousands of the reasons let you fall in love with the ocean.

No matter what think of the reason, we are all ocean lovers.

關於 ABOUT ● Produced / 藍帕影調 Palau Blue Productions

● Filmed & Edited / 陳柏翰 Skylar Chen

● Written / 王駿 Toy Wang

● Co-producer / 貳参玖柒映像 2397 Film Studio

● Diver / Georby Domingo


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