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《Dolphins Pacific 太平洋海豚灣》公益紀錄片 Documentary short


這是我們跟帛琉海豚灣合作拍攝的公益募款影片 希望藉由這個影片讓大家有機會認識這個位在帛琉,被天然美景擁抱的非營利組織。


This is the charity fundraising video we did in collaboration with Dolphins Pacific Palau! We made this video to get people to know more about the behind the scenes of Dolphins Pacific, a unique and beautiful marine park, located in the rock islands of Palau. We hope this video can help them get more support during this pandemic.

帛琉海豚灣 (非營利組織) Dolphins Pacific (Non-Profit organization)

官方網站/ Website

● 影片片名/ Tittle: 太平洋海豚灣/ Dolphins Pacific

● 影片時長/ Time: 23min27sec

● 影片語言/Languages: Belauan 、English、日本語、中(字幕)

● 製作團隊/ Production Crew: Dolphins Pacific 帛琉海豚灣、Palau Blue Productions


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