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Klebokl Dil Spa Palau


Dreya 是一位很酷的帛琉人,遠赴美國學習美容藝術,畢業後回國創業,在最北邊的原始熱帶雨林裡開啟她的工作室,目的是希望顧客可以遠離城鎮,來到這裡除了讓自己變美以外,還可以享受原始的森林及美麗的沙灘,並且你可以選擇居住在帛琉式木屋,享受私人的時光。

Introducing Klebokl Dil Spa by dreya

The shop is a beautiful drive up to the Northern tip of Palau, Ngaraard.

Most recent & popular service is the Ombré Powder Brows (seen in the video), followed by other services such as brow henna tint, lash lifts, facials, waxing, cosmetic teeth whitening, & makeup.

Take a break from the bustling streets of Koror, stay at one of cabin-styled bungalows at M&A Beach Bungalows & pamper yourself to Klebokl Dil’s Beauty services.

Msg for more info ●Contact: +680-770-9588 ●Instagram: ●Facebook:

客戶 Client|Klebokl Dil Spa

製作公司 Produced Studio|Palau Blue Productions

攝影 Videography|Toy Wang, Skylar Chen

剪接 Editor / 調光 Colorist / 後期 Post Production|Skylar Chen


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