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水肺潛水 Scuba Diving

持證水肺潛水 Certificated Scuba Diving

  • 帛琉共和國 Republic of Palau


帛琉是許多潛水員夢寐以求的目的地,這裡擁有大量出色且多樣化的潛水地點。 以放流潛水、鯊魚、蝠鱝、峭壁、色彩繽紛的魚群和二戰遺跡而聞名,這些潛水使帛琉成為世界上最好的潛水勝地之一。超過1,500種魚類和珊瑚礁,快速流動的水流吸引許多中上層魚類,意味著您在潛水的過程中能夠輕易看見海洋生物行為。
 Palau is a dream destination for many divers. This archipelago is home to a wealth of outstanding and diverse dive sites. Known for drift diving, sharks, manta rays, drop off, colorful reef fish and WWII relics that have made Palau become one of the world's leading dive sites. With over 1,500 species of fish and coral reefs. However, fast currents attract pelagic fish, meaning has underwater action to entertain every scuba diver. 潛水支數: 3 支/ 船潛 
成行人數: 4 人成行 出海景點: 烏龍方向或藍角方向
 包含: 交通接送、氣瓶、午餐、飲用水、中英文嚮導 Dives: 3 Dives / Boat diving 
Minimum: 4 pax
 Attractions: Ulong sites or Ngemelis sites 
(According to the ocean conditions, tides, and dive skills to arrange sites) 
Included: 3 Tanks, Lunch box, Drinking water, Dive guide.


「立即預訂」僅限於資料填寫報名,未收取任何費用。 為確保您的預訂,請填寫預訂相關資料後,我們將與您聯繫。

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