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陸地遊 Land Tour full day

北島陸地 一日遊 (2人成行)

  • 帛琉共和國 Republic of Palau


旅途中最值得的事莫過於和當地人接觸,探索歷史與人文能夠幫助你更了解海島人的日常。 駕車環島熱帶雨林公路,徒步穿越紅樹林淡水河,浸泡在乾淨的溪流和瀑布中,沿路欣賞帛琉特有鳥類和植物,雙腳步行於古老的石板路,探訪傳統建築男人會館,欣賞太平洋夕陽餘暉,國家歷史博物館和風格商店及餐廳。 喜歡悠閒海島生活的你絕不能錯過。 The most rewarding thing in the journey is to meet the local people and integrate into the local culture. The exploration of history and culture can help you better understand the daily life of the islanders. Road trip through tropical rainforest around the north island, hike through the jungle, stream rivers, soak in clean waterfalls, and looking for Palau's endemic birds and plants along the way. Walking along the ancient stone path, visit the traditional buildings of the Men's meeting house, the National Museum and the local shops and restaurants are also nice to go. Don't miss out if you would like to be an islander. 活動時間: 5 - 7 小時 
成行人數: 2 人成行 遊程景點: 海島人文之旅、熱帶叢林探險、私人沙灘耍廢放鬆 等
 包含: 交通車、司機、中英文嚮導 Tour Times: 5 - 7 hours
 Minimum: 2 pax 
Attractions: Islander culture & history, jungle adventure, private beach relaxations. 
(The best location is arranged according to the weather conditions of the day and the way you want to feel the most) 
Included: Transportation , Driver, Tour guide.


「立即預訂」僅限於資料填寫報名,未收取任何費用。 為確保您的預訂,請填寫預訂相關資料後,我們將與您聯繫。

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