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《Belau - Towards the dawn 航向黎明》中文字幕版


Republic of Palau Located at 7 degrees north of the equator, the Pacific island country belongs to the Federated States of Micronesia Islands, with a population of about 18,000. It was listed as a World Heritage in 2012 and is a world-renowned ocean paradise island.

In addition to the rich natural ecology, it also retains the traditional island culture. The local community inherits the eternal lifestyle of the environment with the old saying "BUL".


Photo by 藍帕影調 Palau Blue productions

Tourism is the main economic lifeline, and the diving tourism industry is world-renowned, and has been rated as one of the must-go countries in life for many years.

席捲全球的新型冠狀病毒“Covid-19”從未停止,如今已波及196個國家中的191個。 帛琉共和國是少數未受感染的國家之一,是一個以旅遊產業為主要經濟命脈的島國。

The novel coronavirus "Covid-19" that has swept the world has never stopped, and has now spread to 191 of 196 countries. The Republic of Palau is one of the few uninfected countries. It is an island country with tourism as its main economic lifeline.




Is there any change in the oceans without tourists?

Is there any hope in the hearts of Palau islanders?

What changes has the epidemic brought to Palau?


Although tourists are gone, the earth was finally able to recuperate. So far we have stayed in Palau to record the epidemic, and all of stressing we’ve been facing were thrown into the sea. We just want to share what we have seen and learned, a short film record. It reflects the unpretentious natural beauty of Palau, the problems faced by the people of Palau, and the hope of the tourism industry for the future.


If you plan to travel, you might as well take a look first. If you are interested in our story, don't forget to follow us. There will be more works to share with you in the future.

客戶 Client|Jim Hirata

出品人 Producer|Jun Hirata

製作公司 Produced Studio|Palau Blue Productions

攝影 Videography|Alex Wang, Skylar Chen

剪接 Editor / 調光 Colorist / 後期 Post Production|Skylar Chen

特別感謝 Special thanks to Alii Palau by Jun Hirata

日文版Japanese version:

與日本潛水店 DayDreams和相關團隊

和受訪帛琉女人 Tokie Suzukey

和受訪帛琉男人 Joy Aitaro





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